Plain & Simple

Extravagant weddings are not always the best choice. Accordingly, we have different tastes, and sometimes the effortless ones are also the perfect alternative for some. When it comes to invitations, it is all the same. Minimalism is an emerging trend in wedding invites, which you can try today. It is the epitome of Plain & Simple Wedding Invitations.

When it comes to the invite designs, there won’t be too many embellishments. It will only focus on something, which will be the focal point of the layout. Photos are one of the best parts of simple wedding cards. These are used as the background, and then few additional elements will be put. Borders are great pairs with it.

To add, bare typography art is another invitation style for minimalist couples. You can try a white background with a swirling romantic font. This one is a superior choice because it is straightforward yet elegant too. If you want some colors in simple wedding invitations, you can have the same font art in a solid hue. A maroon background will create a perfect contrast with the white typography style. Lastly, a black and white photo invitation can be a top choice too. This one is often looked over because it does not look romantic. Although you only need to be creative in adding other elements such as photos, symbols, and more.