Save the Dates

Before the wedding invitations are rolled out, do you know that you can send a save the date card beforehand? Yes, you can! This one is a form of an informal announcement. With it, your guests will know your intention of marrying and keep the date open for your special day. Most couples send Save the Dates Wedding Invitations months before the final formal cards are out. Through it, conflicts of schedules are highly avoided. You can have the same now.

Save the Date cards are a simple yet striking part of your wedding journey. It is not as grand as the invitation itself, so you can even settle for something simple. To decorate the cards, your photos will have a considerable contribution. It is the central focal because you need to showcase romance. Your prenuptial photos will work like magic so pick one from them today. For the wording, it is not as complicated as the wedding invitations themselves. You will find it direct with only the “save the date” words along with the bride’s and groom’s names. The date and location are also included.

Some couples opt to include “formal invitation to follow” when they create the Save the Dates Wedding Invitations. This one will help tell the attendees something that will come later on as an actual invite.