Lace is an exquisite fabric reserved for formal and special occasions. History has made lace from the finest materials such as linen or silk. Such extravagance is only fitting to be used for celebrations as momentous as weddings. We have prepared a wide range of lace wedding invitations tailored to chic, cute, bohemian, seasonal, and more types of weddings. Nothing says delicate more than lace in your wedding invitations. From single layered lace prints to floral lace patterns, we have a lot of templates for you to choose from.

Our lace designs go well with all engagement photos, even themed photoshoots. The versatility of lace lets it work perfectly with light-hearted to luxurious invitations, whichever you prefer. From borders to backgrounds, our lace prints have you covered. Have your wedding invitations created and delivered quickly by choosing a template. Simply browse and choose from our lace wedding templates today, and our team of professional designers will work with you 1-on-1 for you to get the most out of your wedding invites. We assure quality prints that you deserve, by delivering in the highest standards while incorporating the best personal touch to prepare for one of the most important days of your lives.