About The Invitation Maker

The Invitation Maker is unique in the Wedding Invitation industry because it aims to offer something most corporate level companies have failed to offer, 100% customization at affordable prices. Using the power of the internet and technology we have created a way for customers to connect with top tier designers in a way that is both cost effective and design efficient, leaving our customers amazed with what can be done without ever having to come into a store and sitting down for hours with a designer.

As pioneers in the new age of wedding invitations online, The Invitation Maker has continued to invest in tools and techniques that continue to help make our processes and products the best they can possibly be. To our first customers to our next, we strive to offer high quality, customizable, and affordable wedding invitations.

As part of our business goal to offer superior products at affordable prices, The Invitation Maker is part of a bigger family of products and companies such as myinvitelist.com, weddingprintsonly.com, and holidaysend.com. As we work hard to build a company and organization that seeks to innovate and enhance the wedding industry we appreciate feedback, comments, and ideas that would help us become the best wedding invitation company.