Let the magical artistry of Rustic Wedding Invitations express your desire for your guests. When it comes to asking your loved ones to your special ceremony, nothing beats a special card. Most couples opt for a Rustic theme nowadays. It is merely romantic and utterly beautiful. With the use of different wood textures, your invitations can become a work of art.

Beech, Maple, Pine, Primavera, Pearwood, and Olive Ash are only some of the woods we can try for your wedding cards. These have various textures, from the most smooth looking to the most ragged. To begin with your grand wedding invitation, you only need to choose among the textures. Then, we will bring more of the Rustic feel with several other elements.

We can add laces, ropes, burlaps, and string lights as borders. There are other Rustic embellishments you can add as well, such as leaves and flowers. Notably, all of these are related to nature, which the theme is inspired by. If you want to personalize everything, add a lovely romantic photo. Some even have a collage, which shows how sweet the bride and groom are. These are going to be your background. Lastly, the right outfit will complete everything in the images. Do not forget to wear something with a Rustic vibe when you take them.