Chevron & Stripes

If you want to create a simple yet intriguing Wedding Invitation for your special day, you can opt for one of the many Chevron & Stripes designs featured on this page.

What makes this design unique is the use of a certain pattern around the invitation’s text. Usually, it is a pattern of stripes of two alternating colors. Aside from that, you can opt for a Chevron-type stripe, which is a type of zigzag stripe pattern. Most designs pair white with another color, or two other complementary colors.

Remember, we can customize any of our designs or create a fully custom wedding invitation for you! The best way you could do that is by going to any of our portfolio entries. Once you have selected a design, you can click on it and go to “Start Your Order” to begin working with us. You would not only get a say in how you want the final design to look but also have your invitations shipped to your guests and the envelope it comes as.

Do take note that producing your design may vary in cost due to how you want it to look, having a customized envelope, and sending invitations outside the US.