Want to make something for your guests to remember even after your wedding is over? Opt for one of our many Calendar Wedding Invitations.

There are lots of designs that you can choose from on this page alone. If you are interested in getting one of them, just click on a design you prefer. There, you will be redirected to a page that will show you the full design and reviews of the invitation. Once you’ve decided to choose this design, click on “Start Your Order.” From there, you will talk to one of our professional designers, decide on a final design, pick out the envelopes, and send out the finished invitations to your guests.

As you can see from our catalog, this type of wedding invitation focuses on highlighting the date of your wedding in some shape or form. Most of the designs we have below included a calendar with the event’s date highlighted paired with a picture of the wedded-to-be. Other designs make use of only a few rows of text and colors to show all the information about the wedding.

Remember, we can customize any of our designs or create a fully custom wedding invitation for you!