Here at the Invitation Maker, there are lots of designs to choose from. For this one, it features one design element in particular: the burlap!

When you think of burlap, you usually think of wide green fields and red wooden barns with animals and hay. Usually, this material is used to wrap furniture and contain sacks of items inside. When you combine this design element into your wedding invitation, your guests can get an idea of an outdoor wedding on a farm.

Burlap goes well with elegant font and complementary colors. If you want to have a picture with the invitation, you can choose from one of the many designs available. Aside from that, you can think about how dark or light the burlap pattern you want to use for it. Finally, top it off with embellishments from lace borders to flower patterns.

Don’t worry if you want something new for your Burlap Wedding Invitation! You can simply click on any of the designs on this page and select “Start Your Order.” We will then redirect you to one of our professional designers that you can talk to make your dream design a reality!

Remember, we can customize any of our designs or create a fully custom wedding invitation for you!