Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Signature Envelopes – Square Flap

Available in White or Ivory – Size A7

Price:  Free*

Retail Price: $0.15/ea. min. 50 + $12 Shipping

*With Invitation Order

Premium Envelopes – V Flap

Available in White or Ivory – Size A7

Upgrade Price:  $0.20/ea.*

Retail Price: $0.30/ea. min. 100 + $12 Shipping

*With Invitation Order

Envelope Printing

Return Address & Destination Address Available


  • Return Address – $0.20/ea.*
  • Return & Destination – $0.30/ea.*

*Includes Signature envelopes with invitation orders. Add retail envelope price for non-invitation orders.

Looking for some color options?

Euro Flap Colored A7 Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Upgrade Price: $0.45/ea.

Retail Price: $0.50/ea. min. 100 + $12 Shipping

Square Flap Colored A7 Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Upgrade Price: $0.45/ea.

Retail Price: $0.50/ea. min. 100 + $12 Shipping

Envelopes are not very exciting. They’re usually an afterthought to the main event – your wedding invites. But they are the first things your guests will see when they arrive in the mail. At The Invitation Maker, we take envelopes seriously because we know how important first impressions can be. That is why we offer almost all envelopes sizes for invitations and many other options to customize your envelopes to meet your needs.

5.25 inches by 7.25 inches is the standard envelope size for 5 by 7 cards, and most brides prefer white or cream colored neutral envelopes to coordinate with their invitations, which may have a variety of bolder colors or photos. Standard white or cream envelopes are free with any invitation order from The Invitation Maker. If standard isn’t what you are looking for, you can further personalize your invitation order with:

  • Poptone A7 envelopes come in nine color options
  • Gourmet Flavours A7 envelopes come in four different color options
  • Signature Square Flap envelopes
  • Premium V Flap envelopes
  • Envelope printing with choice of return address only or return address plus destination address
  • 2” sticker seals

Our prices are affordable but our envelopes are not cheap or low quality! We save money over traditional printers by operating our business entirely online. Not only does this make things faster and more convenient for you, it also allows us to pass on the significant savings so you can get the invitations you want at an unheard of price.

You don’t need to spend your time or money searching for cheaper invites or talented designers. We have it all at The Invitation Maker. Your invitation design process will be a breeze and the envelopes are even easier. Contact us today to get started or to ask about more custom options for your announcements or envelopes.

For More Color Envelope Options and Types Contact Us Directly