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How to Live Stream your Wedding in 2021

As much as we want all our friends and families to be able to attend our wedding, there are unavoidable circumstances that might hinder some of them to attend our wedding in person. We might have that grandmother who is not allowed to go out because of the pandemic or that close friend who lives in another state or country. Instead of being disappointed, why not plan how to live stream your wedding instead?

Live streaming is a great way to make your families and friends feel included and welcome. Here is a checklist of what you need to prepare for live streaming on your wedding day.

1. Create an Event Page or Group

Create an event page or a group where you can invite the guests who are unable to attend. Give them all the details and brief them that you will be sharing the link of the live stream on that particular group. You can even assist and give instructions to relatives who are not that techie. Assign someone to share the link with them on your wedding day.

Creating this group at least a week before the wedding is a great way to ensure that they’ll all be informed of what will happen and what they need to do on your wedding day.

2. Assign a Trustworthy Friend to Live Stream

Assign someone to live stream your wedding. It could be a friend or a relative, or you can ask your photographers to do the live streaming for you. 

A live streaming setup can be really simple. You can simply use a smartphone, tripod, and all the person needs to do is to click start, make sure that the audio is working, monitor it throughout the wedding, and click to end the live stream.

3. Make Sure you Have the Equipment

Depending on the setup you prefer, as I said, live streaming can be simple. You can use a smartphone and a tripod for stability. You can add in a microphone if you want to make sure that the audio is clear. Don’t forget to download a live streaming application. You can use applications such as EventLiveLoveStream, or any other live streaming application you prefer.

 If you want to be fancier, you can have a two or three camera setup, but setting this might need some professional help.

4. Test the Venue’s Internet in Advance

Inform your venue that you need a strong Internet connection for your wedding as you will be live streaming. Check the Internet connection 30 minutes prior to your wedding and bring a backup Wi-Fi device in case something goes wrong.

Live streaming is a simple way to bring the people who love you together for your wedding. They might not be able to attend your wedding personally, but their hearts will surely be with you as they watch your wedding from afar.