Wedding Invitation Envelope Printing

Of the many modern wedding conveniences that have come along in recent history, in our opinion wedding invitation envelope printing online is one of the greatest. If you have ever had to sit and write… and write… and write, until your hand muscles are in cramps, you know the pain of addressing wedding invitation envelopes by hand. 


Wedding envelope printing online is a time-saving alternative that so many brides and grooms are opting for today. For many years, address label stickers and anything else other than handwritten addresses was considered gauche. Today, address label stickers and addresses printed on envelopes are both gaining acceptance with couples and wedding guests everywhere. If you are thinking about opting for this convenient way to get your invites out faster, here are some helpful tips to make sure you are following wedding invitation etiquette. 


Names and Using Appropriate Titles. The first etiquette consideration for wedding envelope printing is the titles to use for your guests. If you are inviting an entire family, addressing the envelope to “The Smith Family” or “The Smiths” is obviously preferable to listing out each individual member of the family. If it is a husband and wife, you can refer to them as you did with families above, or refer to them as “Mr. and Mrs. Jones” or list out their names “Mr. David Jones and Mrs. Alyssa Jones.” A more formal, traditional approach is to list the couple by the husband’s name, such as “Mr. and Mrs. David Jones.” One last thing to think about for titles is if your guest is a doctor or has another title that you should include out of respect, such as “Doctor Raymond Williams.” For a title like doctor, spell out the whole word instead of abbreviating it as “Dr.” 


Formatting the address. It is customary for most weddings, especially for a more formal, elegant wedding, to use full names and avoid any abbreviations for the entirety of the address on the invites. For example, you would do “123 South Brown Street, New York, New York 10013” instead of listing the address as “123 S. Brown St. NYC, NY 10013.” You will list out the full city, state and all street names. 


Accuracy. Double, triple, and quadruple check the names and addresses to make sure they are all correct. Name and address accuracy is unfortunately one of those things that will only be noticed if it is wrong. Make sure your guests feel respected and appreciated by getting the details right. Consider creating a Google Sheet or a Google Form to allow guests to input their own information to save you the time and effort of gathering their information by email or text. This will also help with guaranteeing accuracy. 


Return Address. One final thought is on the placement and title of the return address. The classic location for a regular return address is of course the top left corner of the front of the envelope. For wedding invitation envelope printing, a highly recommended and more formal option is to put the return address centered on the top of the back side of the envelope. You will also want to think about how you would like to present yourselves as a couple. You could go with just your first names such as “Trevor and Jess” or with your new married name “Trevor and Jess Cooper.” Some couples opt to top the return address with their shared last name such as “The Coopers.”


No matter where you get your wedding invitation envelope printing services, it is important to remember some basic etiquette to make sure your invites are classy and professional from the outside in. We hope you have found these tips useful in helping you to achieve perfect wedding invitation printing online!


Wedding Invitation Wording Samples

Wedding Invitation Wording Samples

We know you’re stressed, we know that getting everything ready for a wedding is hard. But we’re here to help you relax and let us get you on the right track with our guide to wedding invitation wording. Unique wedding invitation wording can be tough to pin down. Our exclusive, free wedding invitation guide will make quick work of striking the perfect, personal note for your one of a kind wedding invitation wording. 


First let’s go over some of our best tips for brides looking for inspiration for their wedding invitation wording: 


Before starting on your invitation wording, map out what elements you want to include. For example, do you want to list out the bride’s and groom’s parent’s names? You may agree with many couples today who feel that listing out parent’s names is a great way to honor and pay respect to the people who brought you up. Keep in mind that this can end up taking a lot of real estate on your invitations. If either of your parents have divorced and remarried, you will need to consider the extra space needed to accommodate all of the names. But this is a great way to show the love and support you and your future spouse have received from your families! 


Do you need your guests to RSVP so that you have a total head count for ordering food, party favors, etc.? Do you want to include any special instructions for guests? Where is your gift registry? Think through what information your wedding invitees will need and nail down exactly what needs to fit on your invitations and insert cards. 


One of the best ways we have found to prep for writing your invitation wording is by looking at new wedding invitation samples from other recent weddings. This can give you lots of ideas and help you find what type of wording you do and don’t like. Do you want an elegant formal style? Or would you prefer your invites to be more casual, or even including some elements of humor to create a light, playful vibe for your wedding? The Invitation Maker has many examples for you to browse when looking for invite word inspo. Get your creative juices flowing by seeing what other brides just like you are doing with their wedding invitation wording. 


Be open-minded. Take your time writing and rewriting your invites in different styles to see how they look and feel to you. Resist the urge to sit down and write and finalize your invitation wording in one day. Write some ideas down first and then mull over them. Look for inspiration in a variety of places, spend a few minutes doing Google searches to see what other brides have come up with. If you are feeling adventurous or have a favorite movie star, try a Google search for “celebrity wedding invitations” or by the celebrity’s name to see what some of the world’s biggest celebs have done for their wedding invites. You will find that there is a wide variety of everything from unique fun invites to classic traditional styles from the stars. Once you have some ideas written down, ask friends and family for their feedback, and of course ask the groom if he wants to help! 


Unlike some of the other drudgery involved in a wedding (coming up with, and then whittling down, a guest list, anyone?) writing your invites can and should be fun! With The Invitation Maker, you will have endless examples and a supportive team to help you get everything right. Check out our free Ultimate Guide to Wedding Invitation Wording

Best Invitation Envelope Printing Services

Best Invitation Envelope Printing Services

Calling all 2022 brides! Are you looking for amazing envelope printing services to make your life easier? You already have so many responsibilities as a bride, with countless things to plan and tasks to complete. Do you really think you have time to write out the addresses of hundreds of wedding guests? Wedding invitation envelope printing will keep you sane during the wedding craziness. Here are a few benefits of having your  wedding envelopes printed, and what services you should use.

Benefits of Using Envelope Printing

So, if you’re trying to decide whether wedding envelope printing is a worthwhile wedding expense, here are a few things to consider. First of all, envelope printing can be done in a variety of colors and styles. You can have your graphic designer create an envelope design that will match your wedding invitation set beautifully. This will also help your envelopes to be aesthetically pleasing for any detailed pictures that your wedding photographer might want to capture of your wedding suite. You might think that you could just use an address sticker machine to print out your addresses instead. However, this option looks even cheaper and more unprofessional than handwritten addresses. Wedding invitation envelope printing is definitely the most beautiful and clean looking option available to you.

Envelope printing will save you so much time in the process of preparing your invitations. You’ll probably have to stuff and stamp your envelopes, so save yourself many hours by getting the envelopes printed. No more cramped hand from writing hundreds of addresses. Just slap on the stamp and you’ll be ready to send it to the mailbox! You’ll just need to make sure that you double-check our address list before you send it to the printers. This will help your process to go by quickly and smoothly. You’ll have more time to spend on other wedding tasks that will need more of your attention, like finding the perfect wedding dress and planning your ideal honeymoon.

What To Look for in Envelope Printing Services

So, if you’ve decided that you’d like to get your envelopes printed for your wedding, you’ll never regret it. Getting your envelopes printed will make the preparation process so much easier and you’ll be able to focus on your big day instead. Here are a few details that you should know about wedding invitation envelope printing.

First of all, you’ll want to make sure that your envelope printers will have the software technology to print each individual address without any issues. This will be especially important if you are doing double-sided envelope printing with your return address on the back. Do some research to see how your printers will be able to print your different addresses beautifully and accurately.

If you have a unique, expensive style that you’re trying to achieve with your printed envelopes, you should find a printing company that can print in all different fonts and styles. You can choose calligraphy fonts that look beautifully handwritten even though they’re easily printed. Colored ink can add a beautiful and unique touch to your envelope design. It is also helpful to find a printing business that offers lots of different styles of envelopes, such as V flap envelopes, or envelopes that come in different textures and thicknesses. Colored envelopes can also add a beautiful touch to your wedding invitation set. Make sure to talk to your printer to see what different colors they have available. They also might be able to order in custom colors that will match your wedding aesthetic.

Luckily, there is an envelope printing business that will tick all of those boxes. The Invitation Maker is a wedding envelope and invitation printing business. They have stunning and unique styles that match all of the most popular wedding trends. Plus, they can offer customized printing that you will love. It will save so much time and make your life so much easier. Click here to view designs and pricing and start your order for beautiful and unique envelope printing. You can also find their beautiful custom envelopes and invitations on Etsy. Their professional printing comes in all sorts of styles and aesthetics and even includes colored printing. All of your wedding guests will be raving about the beautiful envelopes that you’ll send out, and you’ll love how much time they’ll save you.

Best Wedding Invitation Portfolio

Best Wedding Invitation Portfolio

The big day of your wedding is fast approaching. Your family, friends, and coworkers are excited. Part of the charm of the wedding process is making and sending out invitations. The invitations you send out will set the tone for the event. The more details that you can determine in advance, such as images, style, fonts, color, and information you’ll provide, the easier the selection process will be. If you’re looking for the best wedding invitation portfolio to help you with your decisions, read on:

Wedding Invitation Portfolio Design

Look at the Invitation Maker’s Design “Wedding Invitation Portfolio” This resource will give you a lot of inspiration from which to draw. It showcases a variety of different paper sizes, orientations, artwork, backgrounds, fonts, and more. Think of the choices on this webpage as templates from which to design your own wedding invitations. When choosing one of these wedding invitation portfolio samples, everything on it is changeable. If you don’t like the font, you can swap it out with something else. If you don’t want the picture in this location, you can have it moved or replaced with something different..

Type of Paper

One of the first considerations when looking at the wedding invitation portfolio is the type of paper. “Type” in this case means the size, material, finish, and other details. Two of the most common dimensions for wedding invitations are 5X 7 and 4X6.

Custom sizes are available as well!

Some other factors you may wish to consider:

  • Type of paper. Some choices are:
    • Matte finish
    • Kraft paper
    • Glossy finish
    • Paper “weight”
    • Square corners
    • Round corners
  • Envelope, what type do you want?
    • Square flap
    • V-Flap
    • Colored

You wont need to decide this today. These are all things you can discuss with your designer once you get started. However they are things to start thinking about now.

Font Style

The next step is determining your font, as well as determining its size. Invitation fonts can be done in a:

  • Flowery, flowing script that looks like cursive handwriting.
  • In a calligraphy font like Algerian.
  • In a more traditional font style like Arial or Times New Roman
  • Mixed styles. Maybe the names could be in cursive and the remainder of the text be in Times New Roman.

Spacing is another consideration. If it’s too crowded, it’ll be more challenging to read. On the other hand, if you try to space out the font too much, you might not have enough room for all the information you want to include.

After picking your font, you’ll want to think about  color. Think about how it will appear on the background you’ve chosen, you need the right amount of contrast. Too little or too much contrast could  make it harder to read.


The wedding invitation portfolio will give you lots of ideas on wording. Here is the  information you will need to provide:

  • Couple’s name
  • Date and time of the wedding
  • Where or how to RSVP
  • Site of the wedding registry – if applicable
  • Location of the venue.
  • If the invitation is for just the person or if they’re allowed to take a date.
  • Optional: what type of an event it is
    • Destination Wedding
    • Dress code: Formal “suit and tie” affair or casual dress
    • The theme of the wedding. Examples: Retro 90s. Country Western. Costume party.

Background Images

The wedding invitation portfolio background images are another changeable option. Maybe there is a floral design you like, but it’s the wrong color; that can be changed. Think about the overall style you are going for. If your invite is too busy, and the text could be difficult to read. Too simple, and you may not get the “feel” you’re going after. Or perhaps the invitation is too bland and would benefit from a splash of your wedding color.

Images can help bring together the theme of the invitation. Consider choosing graphics, images, and pictures that reflect both the bride and groom’s personality, tastes, the wedding’s themes, and something about the venue and ceremony. The invitation to a backyard barbecue wedding should feel vastly different than a “black tie” event.

Want our help?

If reading through this has you wanting help in the design process, choose The Invitation Maker’s friendly staff to help you. Their prices are reasonable, and they will help you design the perfect wedding invitation for your special day, leaving you the energy to plan the rest of the wedding.

RSVP Wedding Invitation Envelope Printing

Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Your wedding day will be one of the very most important days of your life. When it comes to planning an amazing wedding, there is an endless list of things to do, but you want everything to be as perfect as possible. One way you could do that and express yourself and even the theme of your wedding through the invitations that people receive in the mail is by creating a custom wedding invitation envelope design. The envelope that you send your invitation out to guests will be a direct reflection of the type and style of the wedding you are planning. It will be the first impression, of sorts, for your wedding guests about what they should expect when they arrive at your wedding on your special day. It may sound like a lot for you to do, especially if you’re not a creative person, but the amazing professionals at The Invitation Maker will do all the work and will assist you in designing your wedding invitation envelopes as well as your invitations.

It is important for you to make your wedding day the most special and amazing day for you and your future spouse, as well as all of your guests, and one way to start that off is by providing your guests with a wedding invitation in an envelope designed by you that reflects your personality as a couple and even the theme of the wedding itself.


Why Hire a Custom Wedding Invitation and Envelope Designer?

By investing in the help of a company that offers your own personal wedding invitation and envelope designer, you are allowing a real person to join the team that is planning your wedding and this person can offer individual opinions and guidance from an artistic standpoint to help you create the most amazing customized wedding invitations and envelopes possible. An expert can also help you with the wording to ensure proper etiquette in troubleshooting any issues that may arise. Especially in today’s world, it helps to have the right words to express to your guests about certain ideas you have about your wedding and even requirements that you must make to keep people safe and happy throughout your very special day.

Customized wedding invitations and envelopes are not for every bride and groom but many are opting for this idea to add some fun and uniqueness to their particular wedding.

The experienced and knowledgeable professionals at The Invitation Maker offer a very simple four-step process for designing your own wedding invitation envelope design and they have plenty of wedding envelope design ideas to help you out.

The Process

The Invitation Maker is a very unique company with tons to offer brides and grooms when it comes to custom wedding invitations and envelopes to provide you with the perfect experience.

The first step in the process is to pick a design that you would like that reflects the theme that you want to portray. Your inspiration can come from anywhere or anything, even if your wedding has no specific theme to it. When choosing  wedding envelope design ideas, the company has made it simple, since you can view previous designs on their website as well as different color schemes. It can give you lots of wedding envelope design ideas.

You do not have to take time out of your busy schedule since Step 2 includes you being able to place your order online for your wedding invitation envelopes. The simple order form is very user-friendly and walks you through everything the company needs to know to design the perfect envelopes for your invitations. You simply fill out the order from to get the ball rolling.

The company provides a team of talented artists and designers who are ready to assist you with all of your custom wedding invitation designs. After you have presented your ideas, you will be matched up with a designer that will give you guidance to create the most amazing invitations and envelopes to send out to your guests.

The company then prints the order and ships it to you after they receive your approval to print and you have made your final payment. Only high-quality cardstock is used to ensure that your wedding invitations and envelopes look amazing.

Contact the amazing designers at The Invitation Maker to start the process of creating your very own beautifully unique wedding invitation and envelopes today.

wedding invitation

Custom Wedding Invitations Online

Your wedding should be one of the best and most memorable days of your entire life. If you’re in the process of planning your wedding and you are looking for the best custom wedding invitations, consider working with a solution such as The Invitation Maker.

At The Invitation Maker, we provide our clients with an array of templates and wedding invitation themes to choose from which can be fully customized to fit your event’s theme and details.

Why Use Custom Wedding Invitations?

For many, getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime event, which is why the planning process is so important. Using custom wedding invitations can help to make your wedding that much more memorable, especially when you use a design that is truly fitting for your wedding style, your personality, as well as the type of wedding you intend to have with your future spouse.

Benefits of Using Custom Wedding Events

Customizing the details of your wedding can leave you with the best custom wedding invitations, especially when you pour your heart into the theme, look, and overall aesthetic of your invitations. Some of the benefits of making your own customized invitations include:

  • Matching aesthetic: Using an invitation theme that is similar to the other decor elements you intend to use for your wedding is a great way to ensure you have a matching aesthetic throughout your entire event.
  • Memorable invitations: Creating your very own invitations often makes for the best custom wedding invitations, as they are more memorable and unique than standard printed or stock wedding invites.
  • More control: Choosing to customize your wedding invitations is a way to ensure you have more control over how your wedding invite appears upon arrival to those you intend to host.
  • Color schemes: If color matters to you, it is highly advisable to go with custom wedding invitations, regardless of the size of the wedding you are planning. Choosing a color scheme for your wedding invitations that blends well with other design elements and wedding decor you intend to use can go a long way in tying the event together and streamlining the overall atmosphere of your wedding itself.

Why Choose The Invitation Maker?

The Invitation Maker is not your typical print shop. With The Invitation Maker, clients have the ability to work one-on-one with one of their very own in-house designers to help you create and print your wedding invitations from start to finish.

Rather than choosing from premade templates and entering in your information, you will have the opportunity to share your own thoughts regarding the design as well as preferences you have in terms of choosing the font(s) and colors you would like to have displayed in your invitations themselves.

Using a unique wedding invitation can help to make your special day even that much more special.

The Invitation Maker Pricing

When working with The Invitation Maker, everything is included in their prices online. The custom wedding invitations are listed on the official website of The Invitation Maker.

The online price listed for custom wedding invitations from The Invitation Maker includes envelopes, printing, shipping, as well as the custom design process itself.

Designing With The Invitation Maker

If you choose to use The Invitation Maker to create the best custom wedding invitations you can think of, you will have the option to choose from a range of pre-made templates which can then also be edited and customized to your liking. If you are interested in an even more customized solution, The Invitation Maker delivers.

With The Invitation Maker, clients also have the opportunity to submit up to 3 links to individual invitation designs they are interested in using for their own custom wedding invitations. After the design inspiration links are received, the in-house team from The Invitation Maker will review the submissions and come up with a fresh, unique, fully customized wedding invite taking the colors and design elements from the suggested submissions.

Whether you are interested in using premade templates or you have a vision in mind for your invites that you just can’t seem to shake, The Invitation Maker is ready to help create the best custom wedding invitations for your special day.

Are you looking to create your very own unique custom wedding invitations for your own upcoming wedding? If so, let us help. At The Invitation Maker, we have the templates and design skills to help make your vision a reality. Contact us to learn more and to get started with your custom wedding invitations today.

Black and White Wedding Invitation

Black and White Wedding Invitation Ideas

When choosing a wedding invitation, you might not think of having a black and white wedding invitation at first. But the combination of black and white can actually say a lot. It’s elegant, sophisticated, and dramatic. This classic color combination might seem simple but it can definitely make a bold statement. Depending on the design, it can be traditional, and it can be modern. It’s a timeless way to announce your wedding and you won’t regret it even after a few years.

Here are some black and white wedding invitation ideas for you:

Wedding Invites

Photo wedding invitations

Designing your wedding invitation with your couple photo and a black and white color combination is a powerful way of announcing your wedding. It gives a dramatic style that highlights the emotions of the couple in the photo while not overpowering the text of the wedding invitation with too much color. Creating a black and white photo invitation creates balance and unites all the elements on the invitation.

Wedding Invitations Online

Floral Wedding Invitations

Adding a floral design to your black and white wedding invitation can give more character and attitude to the design, if it’s what you are looking for. A floral wedding invitation still has that classic black and white vibe – but touches of florals gives it more flair without overpowering the design.


Minimalist Wedding Invitation

What’s a more perfect minimalist wedding invitation than a black and white invitation? In this invitation, you can see how simple the text and design is. This minimalist wedding invitation maximizes the use of white spaces and lines. However, the elements all blend together creating a simple yet elegant and classy wedding invitation.

Wedding Cards

Classic calligraphy

The calligraphy in this classic wedding invitation is beautiful enough to be the center of this wedding invitation design. It might seem like a simple, text-only design, but it’s distinguished and stylish enough to stand on its own. Any more color or additional design could ruin its style.

Black And White Wedding Invitation | 100% Custom Wedding Invitations

Sparkle Wedding Invitation

Black with a touch of sparkle? This sparkle wedding invitation definitely gives off a luxurious and elegant vibe. The black and sparkle background is bold enough to make a statement by itself – highlighting the wedding details at the center.

Black And White Wedding Invitation | 100% Custom Wedding Invitations

Geometric wedding invitation

Aside from your calligraphy and black and white wedding invitation, adding a geometric arch design surrounding the text can improve your wedding invitation as well. This geometric design element gives a more modern and contemporary look.

If you are still on the stage of designing your wedding invitations, black and white wedding invitation designs are definitely a great choice that you won’t regret. You can create so many different designs and styles with this flexible color combination. Have a classic and timeless wedding invitation with these black and white designs.

Spring Color Palette Wedding Ideas for 2021

Spring Color Palette Wedding Ideas for 2021

Getting married during the Spring season is always a lovely time because the greenery and foliage are once again in full bloom after a long winter hibernation and are bursting with fresh and vibrant colors. Finding the right color palette for your wedding is even more important to get the most out of this season.

If you are planning to get married this Spring 2021, any of these color palette themes and ideas are perfect for you.

1. Peaches and pinks

Wedding Invitations 2021

There’s nothing else that screams Spring more than using peaches and a light pastel pink combination for your wedding. Use it as the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses, floral bouquets, for the wedding arch and other decor.

2. Minimalistic greenery

Wedding Invitations

Green and white might seem too simple but usually gives weddings a more refined and elegant vibe. This color theme can be used excessively without looking tacky or too much. Use it in your wedding invitations, center table decorations, and more.

3. Touches of golden yellow

Spring Color Wedding

You can’t go wrong with the pantone color of the year. This bright golden yellow will surely brighten up the wedding and make it one to remember. Use yellow roses, tulips, or daffodils to make up your bouquet and floral decorations. Use the color sparingly as bow ties and accessories instead of bridesmaids’ dresses as it may look too overpowering. 

4. Terracotta

Spring Color Wedding

If you are looking for a more chic and modern color theme, a terracotta color palette might be for you. Terracotta has a natural warm  and earthy tone that is easy to incorporate into wedding decors, dresses, and centerpieces. Using this color palette might give your wedding a more rustic and laid back vibe. Pair it with sage green and you’ll definitely have a beautiful wedding.

5. Mixed in-season flowers

Wedding Ideas for 2021

Paired with a neutral tone, using different colors of in-season flowers can give your wedding a bold but balanced look. Neutral grays or blues of the bridesmaids’ dresses for example, won’t drown out the colors of the bouquet but will highlight how beautiful these flowers are.

Choosing the right color palette for your wedding depends on your personality and taste. It can also matter depending on a specific theme in mind, such as a rustic or a beach wedding. Or if you have a specific Spring flower that you want to use. 

Weddings only come once in a lifetime. So whichever color palette you use, make sure that it is something that you can look back to without any regrets. Pick a color theme that speaks to your heart and don’t look back.


Rustic Wedding Invitations

Rustic Wedding Invitations ideas in 2021

Rustic weddings are known for their cool country vibe and for resembling all things we love about nature and the outdoors. Having a more relaxed and casual atmosphere than most traditional weddings, rustic weddings have become popular among many couples.

There are many ways to create a beautiful rustic wedding. For many, they prefer holding their weddings on a farm, barn, or any outdoor venue. The decor also incorporates many natural elements and textures such as wood, burlap, greenery, wildflowers, and many more.

The same elements can also be used to create beautiful rustic wedding invitation designs. Here are some beautiful rustic wedding invitation ideas and inspiration that are perfect for your 2021 wedding.

1. Wooden Wedding Invitations

Rustic wedding invitations designed with a wooden background embrace the natural elements that perfectly define rustic weddings. Go for wooden wedding invitations if you want your guests to know and feel the theme that you are going for right away. Design it with greenery or wildflowers to accentuate your wedding colors.

Rustic Invitations Ideas 2021 Rustic Wedding Invitations Ideas

2. Burlap Wedding Invitations

Burlap has a great texture that can be great to use for rustic wedding invitations. Incorporating burlap for your rustic invitations can look elegant and naturally stylish. Burlap is a versatile material and can also be used for your decor, wedding favors, and more.

Rustic Invitations Ideas Wedding Invitations Ideas 2021

3. Floral Wedding Invitations

Go for a floral wedding invitation design if you prefer a more minimalistic and softer design for your wedding. This type of design does not scream rustic but it definitely expresses an elegant style and close connection to nature.

Rustic Wedding Invitations Ideas Rustic Invitations 2021

4. Greenery Wedding Invitations

Another design that complements a rustic-themed wedding is greenery. Adding elements of greenery to your wedding invitation gives your guests a more serene vibe to your wedding.

Wedding Invitations

5. Photo Wedding Invitations

Feature your photos as a couple while showcasing your rustic themed wedding with natural elements such as wood and floral designs. 

Wedding announcements  ideas in 2021

Choose a Design that you Love

There is no right or wrong when it comes to wedding invitation designs. We all have certain designs that we would prefer over the other. For rustic weddings, the beauty of this theme comes from imperfections – from the casual spontaneity of mixing natural elements together. From there, you can surely create a design that would be perfect for your wedding.

Floral Wedding Invitations

Floral Wedding Invitations ideas in 2021

There’s a reason why floral wedding invitations are desired by many. They are elegant and can match many themes – not to mention that flowers are a symbol of love and peace. They surely can add elegance and charm to any wedding. Floral invitations will surely make your wedding memorable and give your guests a great first impression.

Make your floral wedding invitation unique and distinct with a few inspirations and ideas that are perfect for 2021.

1. Pastel Floral Invitations

Pastel colors are light, soft, and playful. Pastel colors are the color of spring and they mark new beginnings and new hope that are perfect for weddings. They also symbolize innocence and pure love. Using pastel floral invitations will give your wedding an elegant and sophisticated mood that will surely be memorable to all of your guests.

Floral Wedding Invitations

Floral Wedding Invitations

2. Greenery Wedding Invitations

Greenery weddings have gained popularity over the years with its minimalist yet luxurious vibe. For invitations, it gives a more solemn and tranquil first impression. Greenery means growth and faithfulness. It’s the right balance between love and life. So if you want a beautiful and elegant wedding, these greenery invitations are perfect.

Floral Wedding Invitations Floral Wedding Invitations









3. Bright Floral Invitations

If you want to add a pop of color to your wedding, brightly colored floral invitations are just for you. These floral invitations are fun, playful, and romantic. Your guests will surely love these invitations and get the optimistic vibe that you are going for.

Wedding Announcements Wedding Announcements Utah









4. Watercolor Floral Invitations

Watercolor-inspired designs are a creative way to express love and longing. When used for a wedding invitation, it produces a unique and artistic effect that can perfectly capture the emotion that the couple wants to express. 

Wedding Invitations Online Rustic Wedding Invitations









5. Cool Hues

Aside from being known as a relaxing color, cool colors like royal blue and purple are known to be royal colors. They symbolize respect, tradition, and loyalty. These floral wedding invitation designs will definitely add a touch of grandeur and opulence to your wedding.

Custom Wedding Invitations Wedding Invitations










Have you found the floral wedding invitation that you’ve been looking for? All these wedding invitation ideas have a distinct beauty of their own. In the end, choosing the right invitation for your wedding depends on your chosen theme, personality, and preferences.

Get more beautiful wedding invitation ideas here.

How To Plan Your Adventure Elopement | The Invitation Maker

How To Plan Your Adventure Elopement

Are you an adventurous couple? Do you love spending your time outdoors? Hiking date? Romantic adventure? If the answer is yes, you might also be considering an elopement for your wedding.

An elopement is a marriage that is usually conducted without the knowledge of the couple’s family and friends. In an elopement, couples only have a ceremony. They do not host a big reception or celebration. However, in some cases, couples who elope also invite some guests to serve as witnesses of the sealing of their love.

Aside from a way to seal their love, it also serves as an adventure for the couple as they get to travel. But since this is not your usual wedding ceremony, there are also differences when it comes to planning. Here are the things that you should keep in mind:

1. Think about what is meaningful for both of you.

The first thing that couples decide on when eloping is the location. It is the highlight of elopements. For you to choose the perfect location, you need to identify what you love to do together. Where do you usually go for your adventures? What outdoor activity excites you the most? What is on your bucket list as a couple? Think about something that is significant to both of you. 

Your day should be meaningful to both of you. And the location will play a big role on how your elopement will be memorable for you as a couple.

2. Check the legalities.

Once you’ve chosen a location, check the laws. Different locations have different laws when it comes to eloping. You wouldn’t want your day to be ruined just because you failed to secure the necessary documents. Or come back home and be disappointed that your marriage was invalid. Check to see if you need a witness, what appointments you need to make in preparation for your wedding, and how long it will take to get your marriage license.

Although an elopement might be easier to organize since you do not have a big reception, you still need to process the necessary documents.

3. Coordinate with local suppliers.

One of the challenges in having an elopement is logistics and resources. Since you will be having your wedding in a different location, it is best to look for suppliers as early as possible. Look for local suppliers for easier coordination during your wedding day. 

Unlike traditional ceremonies, you cannot just easily ask for recommendations from your friends regarding the best suppliers when doing an elopement. Do your research early to save you from stress as your special day gets nearer.

4. Make sure to announce the news to your loved ones.

You’ve already tied the knot – in the most memorable way ever. What’s next? Even though your family and friends weren’t actually there during your sealing, you would still want to share the big news with them. You still want them to be part of this milestone in your life as a couple, albeit in a different way. You can throw a post-elopement party. Another option would be bringing home souvenirs and giving it to them as your way of making them a part of your special day. 

If you want to keep it simple, you can stick with giving away wedding cards to announce your big news. You can collaborate with The Invitation Maker for designs that are customized according to your liking.

Weddings, whether it be a fancy ceremony or a simple elopement, should always be memorable. It is when you will be united with your greatest love. Doing an elopement will surely give you a day that you will remember forever as you get to say your vow to the one you love in a place that is meaningful to both of you. A beautiful memory will be brought home which will mark the beginning of new adventures together.


The Best 2021 Wedding Trends to Watch Out For | The Invitations Maker

The Best 2021 Wedding Trends to Watch Out For

Many wedding plans were canceled or pushed back because of last year’s pandemic. These sudden turn of events have affected the wedding industry in more ways than we can imagine.

While some of us might still be pushing for traditional wedding practices, there are a few great wedding trends that have been born out of adjusting to the ‘new normal’ lifestyle. 

Here are some of the best 2021 wedding trends to watch out for:

Intimate Weddings

As large gatherings become a thing of the past, micro weddings or intimate weddings will become more common this 2021. Less is more this year as we prioritize safety and follow health protocols. Weddings are expected to have fewer guests (around 10-50) and be more private and intimate. Some of us might even consider holding multiple celebrations to accommodate our different set of social groups. 

Aside from micro weddings, similar concepts are minimally and elopement weddings for more adventurous souls.

Alfresco Venues

Outdoor or alfresco venues will be more common as covid-19 is known to spread faster in closed and air conditioned venues. Add in the fact that people are eager to go out and travel, expect more private beach weddings, garden weddings, and mountain weddings this year.

Eco-Friendly Weddings

Sustainability is everything this 2021. As we become more and more aware of climate change, many people are choosing to reduce their wedding’s environmental impact.

There are many ways to lessen your wedding’s waste. From brides who are opting for sustainable dresses and makeup to choosing local and organic for your wedding’s food and picking eco-friendly wedding decors and favours. Many couples are committing to a zero-waste wedding.

Live Streaming your Wedding

Due to lockdown restrictions and safety protocols, we know that not all our guests will be able to attend our weddings as much as they want to. Live streaming is a great way to share this moment in our lives with them without compromising their safety. 

Live streaming is easy and hassle-free. Read here to know more about how to live stream your wedding this 2021.

Technicolor Design

White is out and color is in. Expect fresh and modern color palettes to take over weddings this year. Think of bright, bold, and darlings pops of colors and hues that will make our wedding decors look more exciting. Make a statement with brilliant and unconventional color themes. 

This is a much-needed change especially since we’ve been stuck in our homes for months, aren’t we tired of seeing neutrals and plain colors all the time?

Luscious Greenery

We know you all love greenery, and we are expecting to see more of it this 2021. Adorn your tables with foliage and fill your wedding arches with massive leaves and luscious greenery to add a level of elegance and sophistication. Choose a type of greenery that you think will suit your personality such as ferns, eucalyptus, or even succulents.

Whether you decide to hold an indoor or outdoor wedding, greenery will surely help you have a more beautiful and stylish wedding.

These wedding trends are different from the usual, but that’s what makes them more exciting. It’s been a tough year, and we are being forced to think out of the box and go for wedding ideas that we usually would not have thought of before. 

In the end, it is still up to you to decide what kind of wedding you would like to happen. Don’t be afraid to do it your way and plan the wedding of your dreams. 

Wedding Invitations

7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Invitations Stand Out

You might be thinking that wedding invitations are only used to inform and formally invite your family and friends to your wedding day. However, wedding invitations are more than that! They are also the first peek at your wedding. Wedding invitations give your guests an idea of your theme, color palette, and what to expect and prepare for.

To make a great first impression, it is important to make your wedding invitations stand out. Here are some easy ways you can do to have a more distinct wedding invitation:

1. Clear Wedding Invitations

Clear wedding invitations are a great way to transform your invitations to a more elegant yet minimal and modern look. Design it with calligraphy, florals, or any style you want. You can even choose between a semi-opaque or transparent invitation design and a glossy or matte finish.

2. Hand Calligraphy

Personalize your wedding invitations by having it engraved with hand calligraphy. Hand calligraphy will give your wedding invitations a more traditional and classic look and will definitely give you a cut above the rest. You can opt to hire a professional calligrapher to make sure that the invitations will come out in their best quality. If you can’t afford to have hand lettering on your whole invitations, consider having your initials engraved.

3. Personalized Stamp

Personalized stamps are a great way to make your invitation envelopes stand out. You can create your own design or have someone design it for you! Personalized stamps are convenient because you can also use them to put a mark on your giveaways, table decorations, program flow, and more! It’s basically like having your own logo and branding.

4. Seal it with Wax

Nothing says fancy more than an envelope sealed with wax. Your wedding invitations will instantly look more elegant and stylish with personalized wax seals. Wax seals, these days, are super easy to purchase online. With enough practice, you can easily seal your envelopes yourself.

5. Add a Brush of Watercolor

Watercolor brush strokes give a more mellow and romantic feel to your wedding invitations. You can have this designed digitally, or if you’re feeling artsy, draw watercolor brush strokes on your invitations one by one. The latter gives a more personalized feel as you can feel the texture of the brushstrokes.

6. Add a Belly Band

Wrap your wedding invitations the fancy way with a belly band. Wedding belly bands secure your invitation while adding an extra decorative layer. You can either have blank wedding bands or have them customized to include calligraphy of your names and to match your theme.

7. Have your Wedding Invitations Professionally Designed

Professional wedding invitation designers can do all of these and more! Choose a design and have it customized or have them create the design of your dreams. There are so many things to plan when you are getting married. So it’s ideal to hire professional designers if you don’t have that much time to spend on manually personalizing each invitation design. You can also hire professional designers if you simply want a perfect design without any hassle! 

Designing a unique wedding invitation isn’t that hard. There are so many cheap and easy ways to make your invitation stand out. All you need to is think outside the box, brainstorm unique ideas with your partner, or incorporate some of the ideas mentioned here into your invitation design.

How to Choose a Wedding Theme That Fits Your Personality | TIM

Wedding Themes That Fit Your Personality

The wedding should be a reflection of a couple’s personality. After all, it is your big day. Ideally, every element that we find in the wedding should be about you. It is an opportunity for both of you to share your story with the people close to you. 

Thinking about this will surely be a trip down memory lane as you will look back to how your story started. Where did you two meet? What did you do on your first date? Who said “I love you” first? But before diving into the details, you need to decide on the overall wedding theme first.


If you both value family traditions very much, you can opt for a classic wedding. This is a traditional wedding theme, often incorporating the family wedding tradition, but with a personal touch from the couple. 

For the ceremony, you can do the usual red carpet with scattered rose petals where the bride will walk on. For the reception, it can be done in a ballroom or function hall, styled based on the bride and groom’s preference, and aligned with any family tradition that you plan to incorporate in the program.

A classic wedding is the easiest theme for weddings and it is also the most versatile when it comes to adding elements based on the couple’s personality. It is like painting on an empty canvas. The traditional elements will never go out of style even if you look back to this very special day during your silver anniversary.


This is perfect for couples who are laid-back and love DIY activities. If you both find building things from scratch a bonding activity, then this might just be the perfect theme for you. Couples with this personality often find fulfillment in creating something beautiful from random things. 

To provide a laid-back atmosphere, the best location for this is an outdoor garden or a backyard. Decorate the venue with vintage and boho design elements. Another good thing about rustic weddings is that since the elements can be mostly DIY, couples have the option to be eco-friendly by recycling different items to create rustic decorations.

Although you both love DIY, this doesn’t mean that you have to build everything on your own for your wedding. Remember that this is just a reflection of what you are as a couple. You can always get help from your organizers but make sure that your personal preferences as a couple will always be there.


How about a beach wedding? This will always be a part of our list of wedding themes as this doesn’t need too much set-up to provide a beautiful wedding scene. The view of the ocean and skies will surely be enough to paint a beautiful backdrop for the wedding ceremony.

This theme isn’t just for couples who love the beach but also for those who would like to have a destination wedding. You can choose a beach location with a nice view. Or somewhere memorable to the both of you. What more can you ask for if you have a beautiful view (aside from the bride, of course) and the sound of the crashing waves in the background while you are saying your wedding vows?

Modern Minimalist

If you both prefer clean and sleek aesthetics more than flashy elements, this theme is for you. This is for couples who find beauty and contentment in simple things. They believe that less is more.

When you choose a modern minimalist wedding, you will be able to cut down costs on decorations while retaining the elegance of the whole venue. However, since you won’t be putting in too many decorations, the venue plays an important role in achieving that minimalist aesthetic we are aiming for. Possible venues can be simple architecture with strong lines, glasshouses, or lofts. It should have a wide and open space with carefully curated furniture pieces to achieve an upscale and minimalist look.

Doing a modern minimalist theme is also like painting on a blank canvas. However, its difference with traditional weddings is that you need to be more careful in adding the elements. While we want to incorporate the couple’s personal touch, we must ensure that we avoid overdoing it.

Enjoy your trip down the memory lane

Always remember that your wedding theme should be a result of your journey as a couple. So it is important to make it as personal as possible. You want to own this day. Besides, your wedding is the day that both of you would like to remember forever and a memory that you both would love to share with your kids in the future.

Wedding Invitation Timeline

Wedding Invitation Timeline Tips

From the moment you get engaged the clock starts ticking down to your big day. Wedding planning becomes all about juggling all the to-dos and making sure everything is getting done in the right order at the right time.

One of the big to-dos is getting your wedding announcement designed, ordered, addressed, and sent out. Two of our most asked questions is: “when should I order my announcements?” and “when should I send out my announcements?”

When should I order my announcements?

First things first; you are going to need a few things before you start your order.

Some crucial things are:

  • The wedding date
  • Your wording (use our portfolio for suggestions)
  • The Reception/ Open House location

Possibly your wedding colors- if you want them incorporated into your design.

Photos- One very important aspect of many announcements are the pictures. If you are planning on having a design centered around your engagement photos you will definitely want to get those done first, and then start your announcement process. Our designers can do very little without pictures so it is always a good idea to get those done as soon as possible and then start your design process.

Once you have all the important aspects of your announcement pulled together you should start your design process at least 10 weeks prior to the wedding. Saving announcements for the last minute is easy to do, especially when trying to put all the other pieces of the wedding together. Don’t wait! Things can happen, mistakes can be made, packages could get lost, the mail could go up in flames…anything! Keep this in mind. When you order to close to your wedding you don’t leave any room for error and that can be a risky move, one in which you will regret. Give yourself time just in case something happens. You want your announcement to be something you love and will look back at for years to come…after all you are announcing one of the most important days of your life…and paying for it.

Here is our suggestion: Counting only business days, give yourself 2 weeks for the design process (even though it may not take anywhere near that), 2 weeks for printing and shipping, 2 weeks JUST IN CASE something happens, and then at least 4 weeks to get them sent out.

There are always ways to speed things up if you have to…unless there is no more time. If your wedding is 2 weeks away and you don’t have invites sent out, you are going to be sweating bullets and risk guests not receiving their invite in time. Give yourself time!

The next question is “When should I send out my announcements?”

This is a tricky one because it really depends on where your guests are located. You don’t want to send out your announcements so late that your guests either don’t receive it in time, or they receive it but already, made plans for their Saturday night. On the other end, you don’t want to send it out too early because then guests start to forget or their fridge becomes cluttered with other things that eventually cover your announcement. Take a few things into consideration:

1)    Location of your guests: If you live near most of your family and friends and you are having a close intimate wedding, you may feel confident sending announcements out 2-3 weeks before the wedding. If your guests located all over the United States or internationally you should be planning to mail out announcements between 4-6 weeks. This allows for plenty of mail time and it gives your guests time to plan and prepare for the big day.

2)    Do you need guests to RSVP for one of your events? Give your guests plenty of time to receive the announcement and reply whether it is by mail or electronically. If you need guests to RSVP so you can give your wedding venue a headcount, definitely send your invites out closer to 6 weeks before your wedding day.

3)    Is your wedding small and intimate or a huge celebration that everyone is invited to? With social media these days, chances are your guest know about your big day. If most of the people coming to your wedding already know the information they need, you are probably safe sending announcements out closer to your big day.

There is always an exception to every rule. When asked, we will give you our best suggestion based on your personal information. One thing is for sure: give yourself enough time so you don’t have to settle for something less than you deserve.