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The Best Wedding Favors in 2021

Changes happen every year. As we welcome 2021, there will surely be new trends that will set the standard in people’s lifestyles. The wedding scene is not an exception. This is especially true when it comes to the wedding theme, wedding dresses, or even colors. But one thing that most couples overlook when planning their wedding is the wedding favors. Since we’ve all gone through a tough time for the past year, people’s priorities also changed. For a wedding during this time of recovery, what could possibly be the best giveaway to your guests? 

In most weddings, big gatherings are not yet allowed. Hence, guests usually attend the ceremony virtually. Wedding favors play a big role in this set-up. This is how you can convey your gratitude to your (virtual) guests and also let them feel that they are part of your big day. With everything that has happened, here are some ideas on the best wedding giveaways for 2021.

1. Scented Candles

Bring warmth to your guests’ homes with a scented candle. This is a useful giveaway that can also serve as a nice decoration at home. If you are having a destination wedding, you can customize the scent or packaging of the candles based on your wedding location. This is like giving them a feel of the ambiance of your actual wedding.

2. Food or Drink Inspired Wedding Favors

You can never go wrong with food or drink-inspired wedding favors. Spread sweetness with a pack of candies or chocolates. This is perfect for DIY weddings. Just be creative on how you will pack those treats. If you want to be more playful, you can give away fortune cookies instead. You can put custom messages inside – it can be fortunes about love or a simple thank you message for your guests.

3. Coffee/Tea

Admit it, coffee or tea is what kept us going throughout the past year. This is a perfect giveaway to your adult guests. For rustic-themed weddings, you can put the coffee beans in a burlap wrap. You can also opt for loose leaf tea and put it in a nice jar and customize the decor based on your theme.

4. Customized Coaster

If you want to avoid the hassle of packing and the trouble of getting a supplier for great coffee and loose leaf tea, you can give out coasters instead. Personalize it with your names and the date of your wedding. Or you can opt for resin coasters that can be custom-made based on your wedding theme. If you are having a beach wedding, you can have resin coasters with a design that mimics the ocean and the sand.

5. Succulents

Succulents are an adorable giveaway for greenery-inspired weddings. We’ve all spent most of our time this year at home and we do not know how long this situation will last. So having a little succulent on your desk will surely brighten up your mood.

6. Tote bags

Tote bags can really come in handy during these times. Because it’s washable and can easily be sanitized, this will surely be useful for your guests as this can be their go-to bag for grocery runs or for going out to do errands during this pandemic. Add a personalized hand sanitizer keychain for a plus!

7. Disposable camera 

If you want to be a little extra, go with a very unique and creative wedding giveaway – a disposable camera. This is a great way of telling your guests how grateful you are to them. You can include a simple yet heartwarming note:  “Thanks for being part of one of the biggest moments in our lives. Use this camera to create and capture your own beautiful moments.” 

Or they can also use this to capture moments during your special day. Say goodbye to traditional photo booths. It can be a good time for the kids (or even the grown-ups) to play with disposable cameras.

Aside from the memory from your wedding, you should also give your guests something that can be beneficial to them.

Everyone’s becoming more practical after everything that has happened this year. Even with the wedding giveaways, it would be better to give out something useful or something that can lift your guests’ mood from all the happenings this 2020. Let’s be real. No one will care about that little decoration which will be left on your guests’ cupboards and will just eventually be covered by dust in the coming years.