Engagement Photos Guide: Everything You Need to Know

How to Get the Best Engagement Photos

Congratulations on your engagement! So, what’s next? Of course, we want to immortalize this moment of your life as a couple. The best way to do this is by capturing engagement photos. This is a really exciting part of your pre-wedding preparation as you get to feel like celebrities for a day – elegant make-up, classy outfit, cameras on you.

But all these might be overwhelming especially if you haven’t spent a lot of time in front of cameras before (unless you’re a model who’s used to getting his/her photos taken). You might feel nervous and it might show in the photos. So the best thing to do is to relax and be comfortable in front of the camera. We know this is not easy so here are some tips that we wish could help you get the best engagement photos:

1. Plan your outfits ahead of time.

One of the key factors in getting a good photo is having a great outfit. This applies not only to engagement photos but to ordinary photos as well. We usually ensure that our outfits are Instagram-worthy, don’t we? So for your engagement photos, why not make it extra? 

Pick an outfit that will make you look stunning. It would be better to fit it before the actual shoot day so you can check if it fits well, if it looks good on you, and if you feel comfortable wearing it. The last one is very important! No matter how beautiful your outfit is, it should still be comfortable. If you are not confident enough to wear it, you will feel uneasy and it might show in the photos.

2.Choose the perfect location.

Aside from your outfits, the location also greatly affects the outcome of your engagement photos. Who would want to shoot in a bad location? Even on regular days, you wouldn’t get excited to take photos in unappealing places. 

Think about a place that is relevant to both of you. This can be a good starting point. Where did you two meet? What are your common interests? Are you both adventurous? You can have your photos taken near the mountains or by the beach. Do you love hanging out at home, having coffee, or chilling over your favorite movie? Then an at-home session would be perfect for you. You can utilize the location as part of your story as a couple.

3. Personalize your engagement shoot.

Your engagement photos should somehow tell your story as a couple. Think about personal elements that you can incorporate into your shoot. You can create scenes or poses based on your personality. Are you a playful couple? Try to reflect that on your photos. 

This is the perfect time to just be yourselves. We want to have good photos but it is also important that these reflect your story and personality as a couple. After all, you’re doing this to capture your moments as a couple.

4. Start the shoot session by writing letters to each other.

This doesn’t need to be another set of vows to each other. Just write anything you want to say to your partner. Tell them how much you love them and how excited you are to marry them. You can write the letter on the night before your engagement shoot and let them read it on the day of the shoot.

This helps both of you be “at the moment” and will make the session less awkward. Pour your heart out by telling how you feel about your partner. It will make the shoot more natural and emotional. It will remind you why you are doing this in the first place and will surely result in heartwarming photos afterward.

Just be in the moment.

As mentioned in our last point, be in the moment. Don’t feel too much pressure. Remember that you’re doing this for yourselves. You don’t have to be concerned about what other people will say about your engagement photos. You and your partner should be the one to feel satisfied and happy about the photos.

Most importantly, the main thing that we need to capture in these photos is not about how beautiful and scenic these are, but how madly in love you are with each other.