Wedding Invitations

7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Invitations Stand Out

You might be thinking that wedding invitations are only used to inform and formally invite your family and friends to your wedding day. However, wedding invitations are more than that! They are also the first peek at your wedding. Wedding invitations give your guests an idea of your theme, color palette, and what to expect and prepare for.

To make a great first impression, it is important to make your wedding invitations stand out. Here are some easy ways you can do to have a more distinct wedding invitation:

1. Clear Wedding Invitations

Clear wedding invitations are a great way to transform your invitations to a more elegant yet minimal and modern look. Design it with calligraphy, florals, or any style you want. You can even choose between a semi-opaque or transparent invitation design and a glossy or matte finish.

2. Hand Calligraphy

Personalize your wedding invitations by having it engraved with hand calligraphy. Hand calligraphy will give your wedding invitations a more traditional and classic look and will definitely give you a cut above the rest. You can opt to hire a professional calligrapher to make sure that the invitations will come out in their best quality. If you can’t afford to have hand lettering on your whole invitations, consider having your initials engraved.

3. Personalized Stamp

Personalized stamps are a great way to make your invitation envelopes stand out. You can create your own design or have someone design it for you! Personalized stamps are convenient because you can also use them to put a mark on your giveaways, table decorations, program flow, and more! It’s basically like having your own logo and branding.

4. Seal it with Wax

Nothing says fancy more than an envelope sealed with wax. Your wedding invitations will instantly look more elegant and stylish with personalized wax seals. Wax seals, these days, are super easy to purchase online. With enough practice, you can easily seal your envelopes yourself.

5. Add a Brush of Watercolor

Watercolor brush strokes give a more mellow and romantic feel to your wedding invitations. You can have this designed digitally, or if you’re feeling artsy, draw watercolor brush strokes on your invitations one by one. The latter gives a more personalized feel as you can feel the texture of the brushstrokes.

6. Add a Belly Band

Wrap your wedding invitations the fancy way with a belly band. Wedding belly bands secure your invitation while adding an extra decorative layer. You can either have blank wedding bands or have them customized to include calligraphy of your names and to match your theme.

7. Have your Wedding Invitations Professionally Designed

Professional wedding invitation designers can do all of these and more! Choose a design and have it customized or have them create the design of your dreams. There are so many things to plan when you are getting married. So it’s ideal to hire professional designers if you don’t have that much time to spend on manually personalizing each invitation design. You can also hire professional designers if you simply want a perfect design without any hassle! 

Designing a unique wedding invitation isn’t that hard. There are so many cheap and easy ways to make your invitation stand out. All you need to is think outside the box, brainstorm unique ideas with your partner, or incorporate some of the ideas mentioned here into your invitation design.