wedding invitation dos and don’ts

Wedding Invitation Do’s and Don’ts

From all the chaos of wedding preparation, most of us can overlook important details of our wedding invitation that we should include and also things that we should avoid. Mistakes happen during wedding planning and that’s okay. However, if you want to make sure that you don’t miss anything before you send out your wedding invitations, make sure to read our list of wedding invitation do’s and don’ts. 

Have a smoother wedding when you follow these wedding invitation do’s and don’ts:


1. Be consistent with the wording.

Wedding invitation wording can be formal, casual, or in between. There’s no right or wrong way to write the wording of your wedding invitation although you can base it on what works for your wedding theme. Whichever style you choose, make sure to be consistent and to stick to it from beginning to end. 

2. Match invitation colors with your overall theme

When you design your wedding invitation, you should have already finalized the details including the theme and color scheme that you want. Make sure to apply this theme to your wedding invitation because it also serves as your guests’ first peek of what your wedding will be like.

3. Include your wedding website

Don’t forget to include your wedding website where guests can send their RSVP and find out more details to the wedding. Although it’s not required, creating a website or social media event page for your wedding is a great way to quickly have an estimate of the actual number of guests coming to your wedding.

4. Offer meal choices

Be sensitive to your guests’ allergies, religion, and diet. Provide meal choices to those who are vegetarian and vegan as well as to those who are not allowed to eat pork and other types of food because of different reasons. Make them feel included and comfortable during your wedding when you offer meal choices.

5. Include directions

If your wedding venue isn’t popular or easily searchable on Google Maps, make sure to provide directions and nearby landmarks so people can know the exact location of the venue.


1. Don’t include wedding registry information

While there are no solid rules as to what you shouldn’t include on your invitation, putting registry information is considered rude by many people. It gives a vibe off a vibe that the couple isn’t inviting guests just for their presence, but to give them gifts too. Just stick to putting your registry information on your wedding website or event page and spread the word by mouth instead.

2. Don’t use more than two fonts

Having more than two fonts on your wedding invitation will make it look chaotic and less classy. Choose one font for your headings and one font for your subheadings and your wedding invitations will look more elegant and stylish.

3. Don’t forget to send out a Save the Date card ahead

Don’t forget to send a Save the Date card to your guests especially if you are planning your wedding on a weekday, holiday, or other peak wedding dates. Save the Date cards will give your guests enough time to plan their vacation leaves, expenses, and travel costs especially if you are planning a destination wedding. 

4. Avoid changing details at the last minute

Before you print out your invitation, make sure that all the essential details that are included in the invitation are finalized and that no changes will arise at the last minute. We can’t control sudden changes or emergencies, such as any calamities or unforeseen events, that may occur, and that’s okay. But as much as possible, we should have made sure that every detail is confirmed on our end.

5. Do not send out the invitations too late

Knowing the timeline of when to order and mail out your wedding invitations is crucial. Make sure to have your wedding invitations ready to be sent out at least six to eight weeks before your wedding and even earlier on when and how you plan to get married. When you send out your invitations too late, not only is it possible for your guests to have other plans but it can also be interpreted as a sign of lack of respect for their time.

Follow these tips to remember the details that you might overlook and to avoid mistakes that might come off as rude to your guests. Wedding planning is a difficult task, but everything will soon come to place if you do things right.