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The Advantages of Having a Micro Wedding

Micro weddings have definitely become more and more popular over the years because of many reasons. Some prefer to share their moments with only their closest friends, some choose to save money so they can spend it on their honeymoon or first home. And with the pandemic further restricting large gatherings, micro weddings have become many couple’s primary choice of wedding.

What exactly are micro weddings?

A micro wedding is a small-scale wedding, with typically  20-30 guests, that are mostly close family and friends. Micro weddings often feature wedding traditions and ceremonies, only in a much more relaxed and intimate way.

The Advantages of a Micro Wedding

1. It’s more intimate

You’ll get to share this special day with only the people that truly matter to you. When you are surrounded by people you love and care about, there tends to be less stress and tension to please your guests. You will also be able to spend more quality time with each of your guests and share meaningful conversations with them.

2. More creative freedom

Micro weddings often have a more relaxed and casual vibe. With such a small group of people, you’ll have more creative freedom to do what you’ve always wanted. You can host your wedding somewhere unconventional such as a cafe, a library, a secluded mountaintop venue, a yacht, anywhere your imagination takes you! 

With a small crowd of people who know your true personalities, you’ll be able to make this special day more magical by doing something that you’ve always wanted to do together.

3. You’ll be able to save money

With a micro wedding, the budget that you need will also be smaller as you will need less. For one, your venue and catering needs will surely be cheaper. There are also a lot of unnecessary expenses that you can eliminate such as decor, tables, chairs, and transportation expenses.

Because you can save money on these things, you can choose to splurge more on things that matter to you. Have you always wanted to hire a band? Give a special personalized token to each guest? With all of the savings from having a micro wedding, now you can.

4. Less planning and stress

It’s not a secret how stressful planning for a big wedding can be. Months of preparation can take out the joy and fun of a wedding for some couples. By having a micro wedding, you’ll be able to skip the hassle of intensive wedding planning, without losing all the fun. Of course, there are still things that need to be planned for, but everything is much more controlled and manageable because it is on a much smaller scale.


Having micro weddings is like having the best of both worlds. You can have a magical day with your close friends and family without budget constraints and the stress of wedding planning.

Of course, not everyone is cut out for a micro wedding. Some couples envision a grand celebration for their wedding day, while for some, not inviting other friends and relatives just isn’t possible. There are also other types of small weddings such as an elopement wedding, which might be more suited for other couples.

In the end, you should choose the wedding that’s right for you whether it’s a traditional ceremony, destination wedding, micro wedding, or a different type of wedding altogether.