Rustic Wedding Invitations

Rustic Wedding Invitations ideas in 2021

Rustic weddings are known for their cool country vibe and for resembling all things we love about nature and the outdoors. Having a more relaxed and casual atmosphere than most traditional weddings, rustic weddings have become popular among many couples.

There are many ways to create a beautiful rustic wedding. For many, they prefer holding their weddings on a farm, barn, or any outdoor venue. The decor also incorporates many natural elements and textures such as wood, burlap, greenery, wildflowers, and many more.

The same elements can also be used to create beautiful rustic wedding invitation designs. Here are some beautiful rustic wedding invitation ideas and inspiration that are perfect for your 2021 wedding.

1. Wooden Wedding Invitations

Rustic wedding invitations designed with a wooden background embrace the natural elements that perfectly define rustic weddings. Go for wooden wedding invitations if you want your guests to know and feel the theme that you are going for right away. Design it with greenery or wildflowers to accentuate your wedding colors.

Rustic Invitations Ideas 2021 Rustic Wedding Invitations Ideas

2. Burlap Wedding Invitations

Burlap has a great texture that can be great to use for rustic wedding invitations. Incorporating burlap for your rustic invitations can look elegant and naturally stylish. Burlap is a versatile material and can also be used for your decor, wedding favors, and more.

Rustic Invitations Ideas Wedding Invitations Ideas 2021

3. Floral Wedding Invitations

Go for a floral wedding invitation design if you prefer a more minimalistic and softer design for your wedding. This type of design does not scream rustic but it definitely expresses an elegant style and close connection to nature.

Rustic Wedding Invitations Ideas Rustic Invitations 2021

4. Greenery Wedding Invitations

Another design that complements a rustic-themed wedding is greenery. Adding elements of greenery to your wedding invitation gives your guests a more serene vibe to your wedding.

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5. Photo Wedding Invitations

Feature your photos as a couple while showcasing your rustic themed wedding with natural elements such as wood and floral designs. 

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Choose a Design that you Love

There is no right or wrong when it comes to wedding invitation designs. We all have certain designs that we would prefer over the other. For rustic weddings, the beauty of this theme comes from imperfections – from the casual spontaneity of mixing natural elements together. From there, you can surely create a design that would be perfect for your wedding.