Floral Wedding Invitations

Floral Wedding Invitations ideas in 2021

There’s a reason why floral wedding invitations are desired by many. They are elegant and can match many themes – not to mention that flowers are a symbol of love and peace. They surely can add elegance and charm to any wedding. Floral invitations will surely make your wedding memorable and give your guests a great first impression.

Make your floral wedding invitation unique and distinct with a few inspirations and ideas that are perfect for 2021.

1. Pastel Floral Invitations

Pastel colors are light, soft, and playful. Pastel colors are the color of spring and they mark new beginnings and new hope that are perfect for weddings. They also symbolize innocence and pure love. Using pastel floral invitations will give your wedding an elegant and sophisticated mood that will surely be memorable to all of your guests.

Floral Wedding Invitations

Floral Wedding Invitations

2. Greenery Wedding Invitations

Greenery weddings have gained popularity over the years with its minimalist yet luxurious vibe. For invitations, it gives a more solemn and tranquil first impression. Greenery means growth and faithfulness. It’s the right balance between love and life. So if you want a beautiful and elegant wedding, these greenery invitations are perfect.

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3. Bright Floral Invitations

If you want to add a pop of color to your wedding, brightly colored floral invitations are just for you. These floral invitations are fun, playful, and romantic. Your guests will surely love these invitations and get the optimistic vibe that you are going for.

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4. Watercolor Floral Invitations

Watercolor-inspired designs are a creative way to express love and longing. When used for a wedding invitation, it produces a unique and artistic effect that can perfectly capture the emotion that the couple wants to express. 

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5. Cool Hues

Aside from being known as a relaxing color, cool colors like royal blue and purple are known to be royal colors. They symbolize respect, tradition, and loyalty. These floral wedding invitation designs will definitely add a touch of grandeur and opulence to your wedding.

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Have you found the floral wedding invitation that you’ve been looking for? All these wedding invitation ideas have a distinct beauty of their own. In the end, choosing the right invitation for your wedding depends on your chosen theme, personality, and preferences.

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