Best Wedding Invitation Portfolio

Best Wedding Invitation Portfolio

The big day of your wedding is fast approaching. Your family, friends, and coworkers are excited. Part of the charm of the wedding process is making and sending out invitations. The invitations you send out will set the tone for the event. The more details that you can determine in advance, such as images, style, fonts, color, and information you’ll provide, the easier the selection process will be. If you’re looking for the best wedding invitation portfolio to help you with your decisions, read on:

Wedding Invitation Portfolio Design

Look at the Invitation Maker’s Design “Wedding Invitation Portfolio” This resource will give you a lot of inspiration from which to draw. It showcases a variety of different paper sizes, orientations, artwork, backgrounds, fonts, and more. Think of the choices on this webpage as templates from which to design your own wedding invitations. When choosing one of these wedding invitation portfolio samples, everything on it is changeable. If you don’t like the font, you can swap it out with something else. If you don’t want the picture in this location, you can have it moved or replaced with something different..

Type of Paper

One of the first considerations when looking at the wedding invitation portfolio is the type of paper. “Type” in this case means the size, material, finish, and other details. Two of the most common dimensions for wedding invitations are 5X 7 and 4X6.

Custom sizes are available as well!

Some other factors you may wish to consider:

  • Type of paper. Some choices are:
    • Matte finish
    • Kraft paper
    • Glossy finish
    • Paper “weight”
    • Square corners
    • Round corners
  • Envelope, what type do you want?
    • Square flap
    • V-Flap
    • Colored

You wont need to decide this today. These are all things you can discuss with your designer once you get started. However they are things to start thinking about now.

Font Style

The next step is determining your font, as well as determining its size. Invitation fonts can be done in a:

  • Flowery, flowing script that looks like cursive handwriting.
  • In a calligraphy font like Algerian.
  • In a more traditional font style like Arial or Times New Roman
  • Mixed styles. Maybe the names could be in cursive and the remainder of the text be in Times New Roman.

Spacing is another consideration. If it’s too crowded, it’ll be more challenging to read. On the other hand, if you try to space out the font too much, you might not have enough room for all the information you want to include.

After picking your font, you’ll want to think about  color. Think about how it will appear on the background you’ve chosen, you need the right amount of contrast. Too little or too much contrast could  make it harder to read.


The wedding invitation portfolio will give you lots of ideas on wording. Here is the  information you will need to provide:

  • Couple’s name
  • Date and time of the wedding
  • Where or how to RSVP
  • Site of the wedding registry – if applicable
  • Location of the venue.
  • If the invitation is for just the person or if they’re allowed to take a date.
  • Optional: what type of an event it is
    • Destination Wedding
    • Dress code: Formal “suit and tie” affair or casual dress
    • The theme of the wedding. Examples: Retro 90s. Country Western. Costume party.

Background Images

The wedding invitation portfolio background images are another changeable option. Maybe there is a floral design you like, but it’s the wrong color; that can be changed. Think about the overall style you are going for. If your invite is too busy, and the text could be difficult to read. Too simple, and you may not get the “feel” you’re going after. Or perhaps the invitation is too bland and would benefit from a splash of your wedding color.

Images can help bring together the theme of the invitation. Consider choosing graphics, images, and pictures that reflect both the bride and groom’s personality, tastes, the wedding’s themes, and something about the venue and ceremony. The invitation to a backyard barbecue wedding should feel vastly different than a “black tie” event.

Want our help?

If reading through this has you wanting help in the design process, choose The Invitation Maker’s friendly staff to help you. Their prices are reasonable, and they will help you design the perfect wedding invitation for your special day, leaving you the energy to plan the rest of the wedding.