Things to Avoid When Planning A Wedding

5 Things to Avoid When Planning A Wedding

While most couples have a checklist or a list of wedding must-haves, you must remember that you should also take note of things that you should avoid when planning a wedding. You will probably only plan a wedding once in your lives which means that all couples are new to this concept and that there are no do-overs if you make mistakes.

If you ask wedding experts, they will probably tell you a long list of things that you should avoid when planning a wedding. 

1. Going over budget

The first mistake to avoid is not setting a wedding budget. The second one is going over the budget that you set.

It’s easy to get caught up in making sure that you have a perfect and magical wedding. Many brides easily become impulsive and find it hard to sacrifice things in order to stay under budget. Blowing your budget on a wedding dress, florals and bouquets, and other decors can be very tempting. However, these decisions can have consequences. You might be forced to sacrifice other things in the future.

Before you set a budget, make sure that you have an idea of what type of wedding you want to have. Look around shops to know how much the average prices are in your area and set your budget on what you can afford from there.

2. Announcing a Date without a Venue

You might have a chosen wedding date that you are not willing to move no matter what happens. However, don’t announce this date to your family and friends without securing a venue first. You might be surprised at how fully booked the venues are and might compromise choosing a beautiful venue that’s within your budget because you announced the date in advance. Even worse, you might not find a suitable venue for your chosen wedding date at all.

Don’t be overexcited and wait until all the wedding essentials are planned before announcing a date to your family and friends. If they need to schedule a flight or ask for a work leave in advance, give them at least two to three dates that you are tentatively choosing from just so that they can have an idea of what to expect.

3. Adding things at the last minute

Make sure that you have settled everything that has to do with planning your wedding at least a week before the ceremony. Although changes are sometimes unavoidable, adding and changing things out of impulse are two things that you should avoid. For one, it might cause an avalanche of changes on your wedding day. It might disrupt the flow, cause disorganization, or even chaos if you are not careful. 

If you must change something, make sure to inform every person involved in planning your wedding. If the thing that you want to add is not feasible, don’t force it especially at the last minute. It will only cause you, your wedding planners, and vendors unnecessary stress.

4. Trying to do everything alone

As a bride, the idea of planning a wedding can be stressful enough let alone operating on a budget. Some of you might think that you can DIY most of the things that require professionals. However, don’t make the mistake of trying to do everything alone.

There are many ways to save money that doesn’t require you to spend hours on hand-lettering that invitation or baking all those cupcakes. Do a cost-benefit analysis. What do you want on your wedding that you can achieve yourself easily? What can you hire a professional for and how much will it cost? 

Choose to DIY only one or two things that you need for your wedding, and for the rest, you can either ask your friends to help or look for a reasonable supplier. When asking for a friend to do it, make sure that you have an understanding that they can deliver and that the quality will not be compromised. Beware of people that could possibly cancel their commitment at the last minute, leaving you to change your plans or spend to spend even more.

5. Trying to please everyone

In the end, your wedding is for you and your partner. People will always have something to say no matter what you do. So you might as well do what will please you instead of them. 

When you feel pressured by your family, just step back and take a deep breath. Remind them that while you respect their opinion, this is your wedding and that you are in control. You only have one wedding, make sure to make it a wedding that you will remember forever.