Wedding Destination | Budget-Friendly Wedding Destinations in the US

5 Budget-Friendly Wedding Destinations in the US

We all want to have that perfect scenery in the atmosphere during our wedding. Sometimes, however, no local venue can bring the type of wedding that we are dreaming of to life and we start considering having a destination wedding instead.

Having a destination wedding is a grand and magical way to hold our wedding ceremony. It is often an exciting or adventurous way to escape life from a couple’s hometown or from the hustle and bustle of the city. It can also be more expensive to hold a destination wedding because of transportation, accommodation, and other costs depending on how big of an event you are thinking of having.

Not all destination weddings are expensive. There are plenty of destinations that offer an affordable yet magical experience to wedding hopefuls. Here are five budget-friendly wedding destinations in the US:

1. Sedona, Arizona

A seemingly unlikely destination wedding venue like Sedona, Arizona is actually amazing for outdoor and rustic-themed weddings. Sedona is a desert town that’s surrounded by red rock formations and pine tree forests that gives outdoor wedding venues breathtaking scenery that’s sure to wow every guest.

Sedona is perfect for couples that love the outdoors and are looking for a more rugged yet picturesque backdrop for their wedding.

2. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Another picturesque setting with a rustic vibe to it is Colorado Springs. Located at the foot of the Rocky mountains, imagine a ballroom or garden venue overlooking this majestic scenery along with views of Pikes Peak and the famous Garden of the Gods. Have an elegant garden wedding in Colorado Springs and you’ll surely be mesmerized.

3. Key Largo, Florida

Key Largo is definitely the ultimate beach wedding destination. It boasts of white sandy beaches, palm trees, and clear blue waters but without breaking the bank. Evening weddings are the most popular at Key Largo, as it is also for breathtaking sunsets.

Most weddings in this area are held near public beaches and they are as beautiful as you can imagine, but if you want to opt for a more private venue, there are also venues that offer more seclusion and privacy.

4. Oahu, Hawaii

Beaches in Hawaii might seem like they all come with a price tag, but there are actually amazing beaches in Oahu where you can enjoy the amazing scenery for free or at a minimal charge. Yes, you can have a beach wedding in Oahu without going over budget and without sacrificing the beauty of it all.

Aside from picture-perfect beaches, Oahu also has beautiful gardens that can offer a magical fairy tale atmosphere such as Haiku Gardens and Olomana gardens.

5. Lake Tahoe, California

Have the best of both worlds when you choose Lake Tahoe as your wedding venue. Lake Tahoe is an outdoor wedding wonderland, and you are missing out if don’t even put this up on your wedding destination choices.

Lake Tahoe can offer lakeside venues, mountain top venues, or gorgeous venues overlooking the lake. Resorts and hotels offer jaw-dropping mountain views and forest nooks that will leave you in awe. You’ll never get enough of the scenery at Lake Tahoe.

Choosing the perfect wedding destination for you can be hard with all the beautiful locations out there. Just remember to choose the one that most speaks to you and your partner and one that most reflects the dream wedding that you had imagined.