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3 Essential Wedding Invitation Wording Tips

After getting excited about wedding invitation designs, the elegant calligraphy, and that perfect paper for your invitation, make sure to put the writing in place as well. It might not be as fun as choosing these things, but it’s a task that we need to accomplish all the same.

If you are having a hard time looking for inspiration for writing your invitation, here are some tips that will help you get started.

1. Make sure that the information is complete

No matter how creative you want your wedding invitation to be, you must remember to include all the basic information. Write the date and time, venue, hosts, theme, and more on your invitation. All these information are essential for guests to know what they need to know about your wedding.

Aside from basic information, include an additional sheet for any other information or rules that guests need to know such as the sponsors, program, gift registry details, a map to get to the venue and reception, etc. You can also include a separate RSVP card.

2. The order is important

While more couples are opting for modern or unconventional weddings, the proper order of things is important to avoid confusion. Here is an example of the traditional order of a proper wedding invitation:

Wedding Invitations Wedding Invitations


  • The host line – This is traditionally the name of the bride’s parents. However, it is up to the couple if they also want to include the groom’s parents’ names or completely remove this part. In most cases, it depends on who is sponsoring or shouldering the wedding.
  • The request line – Simply put, this is the request for the guests to attend the wedding. 
  • The names of the bride and groom – The first names of the bride and groom typically have the biggest typeface on an invitation to put an emphasis on their wedding announcement.
  • The date and time – Include the date and exact time that the venue is ready to welcome guests. Put at least a 30-minute allowance on the time before the ceremony starts. Make sure that it is enough time for the guests to arrive and settle down so the ceremony does not get disrupted.
  • The venue or location – Put the name of the venue on the invitation. If it is a known venue, you opt to stick to just the name. But you can also include the complete address of the venue in case some of your guests aren’t familiar with it.
  • The reception line (if it applies) 
  • The dress code (if any)


This is the general structure of most wedding invitations but of course, it can be tweaked to the couple’s preference. It still depends on the details they want to include and how they want to announce their wedding.

3. Choose the Level of Formality

The way you want to write your wedding invitation depends on the tone and style that you want to achieve. There are different levels of formality when writing an invitation. Some opt to follow a more traditional wedding invitation tone, while others choose to have a more casual and laid back tone. Both are completely acceptable and you can also choose a level of formality that is in between a traditional and casual tone.


Here are some examples:

Traditional Wedding Invitation Example

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wright

request the honor of your presence

at the marriage of their daughter

Baylee and Justin Andrews

Son of Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Andrews

Saturday, the sixth of March, two thousand twenty-one, at four o’clock in the afternoon

At St. George Event Center

St. George, Utah

Reception to follow


Casual Wedding Invitation Example

Kaitlyn and Michael Wright

would love your presence

at the marriage of their daughter

Baylee and Justin

March 6, 2021

4:00 p.m. in the afternoon

At St. George Event Center

Dining, dancing, and happily ever after to follow


In the end, how you want to pen your wedding invitation is up to you. Don’t be afraid to break the norm and let your personalities shine through your invitation. No matter how you want to announce your wedding to beloved guests, what’s important is that you have a wedding that reflects your values and personalities that your friends and family love about you.

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