Wedding Invitation Envelope Printing

Of the many modern wedding conveniences that have come along in recent history, in our opinion wedding invitation envelope printing online is one of the greatest. If you have ever had to sit and write… and write… and write, until your hand muscles are in cramps, you know the pain of addressing wedding invitation envelopes by hand. 


Wedding envelope printing online is a time-saving alternative that so many brides and grooms are opting for today. For many years, address label stickers and anything else other than handwritten addresses was considered gauche. Today, address label stickers and addresses printed on envelopes are both gaining acceptance with couples and wedding guests everywhere. If you are thinking about opting for this convenient way to get your invites out faster, here are some helpful tips to make sure you are following wedding invitation etiquette. 


Names and Using Appropriate Titles. The first etiquette consideration for wedding envelope printing is the titles to use for your guests. If you are inviting an entire family, addressing the envelope to “The Smith Family” or “The Smiths” is obviously preferable to listing out each individual member of the family. If it is a husband and wife, you can refer to them as you did with families above, or refer to them as “Mr. and Mrs. Jones” or list out their names “Mr. David Jones and Mrs. Alyssa Jones.” A more formal, traditional approach is to list the couple by the husband’s name, such as “Mr. and Mrs. David Jones.” One last thing to think about for titles is if your guest is a doctor or has another title that you should include out of respect, such as “Doctor Raymond Williams.” For a title like doctor, spell out the whole word instead of abbreviating it as “Dr.” 


Formatting the address. It is customary for most weddings, especially for a more formal, elegant wedding, to use full names and avoid any abbreviations for the entirety of the address on the invites. For example, you would do “123 South Brown Street, New York, New York 10013” instead of listing the address as “123 S. Brown St. NYC, NY 10013.” You will list out the full city, state and all street names. 


Accuracy. Double, triple, and quadruple check the names and addresses to make sure they are all correct. Name and address accuracy is unfortunately one of those things that will only be noticed if it is wrong. Make sure your guests feel respected and appreciated by getting the details right. Consider creating a Google Sheet or a Google Form to allow guests to input their own information to save you the time and effort of gathering their information by email or text. This will also help with guaranteeing accuracy. 


Return Address. One final thought is on the placement and title of the return address. The classic location for a regular return address is of course the top left corner of the front of the envelope. For wedding invitation envelope printing, a highly recommended and more formal option is to put the return address centered on the top of the back side of the envelope. You will also want to think about how you would like to present yourselves as a couple. You could go with just your first names such as “Trevor and Jess” or with your new married name “Trevor and Jess Cooper.” Some couples opt to top the return address with their shared last name such as “The Coopers.”


No matter where you get your wedding invitation envelope printing services, it is important to remember some basic etiquette to make sure your invites are classy and professional from the outside in. We hope you have found these tips useful in helping you to achieve perfect wedding invitation printing online!


Wedding Invitation Wording Samples

Wedding Invitation Wording Samples

We know you’re stressed, we know that getting everything ready for a wedding is hard. But we’re here to help you relax and let us get you on the right track with our guide to wedding invitation wording. Unique wedding invitation wording can be tough to pin down. Our exclusive, free wedding invitation guide will make quick work of striking the perfect, personal note for your one of a kind wedding invitation wording. 


First let’s go over some of our best tips for brides looking for inspiration for their wedding invitation wording: 


Before starting on your invitation wording, map out what elements you want to include. For example, do you want to list out the bride’s and groom’s parent’s names? You may agree with many couples today who feel that listing out parent’s names is a great way to honor and pay respect to the people who brought you up. Keep in mind that this can end up taking a lot of real estate on your invitations. If either of your parents have divorced and remarried, you will need to consider the extra space needed to accommodate all of the names. But this is a great way to show the love and support you and your future spouse have received from your families! 


Do you need your guests to RSVP so that you have a total head count for ordering food, party favors, etc.? Do you want to include any special instructions for guests? Where is your gift registry? Think through what information your wedding invitees will need and nail down exactly what needs to fit on your invitations and insert cards. 


One of the best ways we have found to prep for writing your invitation wording is by looking at new wedding invitation samples from other recent weddings. This can give you lots of ideas and help you find what type of wording you do and don’t like. Do you want an elegant formal style? Or would you prefer your invites to be more casual, or even including some elements of humor to create a light, playful vibe for your wedding? The Invitation Maker has many examples for you to browse when looking for invite word inspo. Get your creative juices flowing by seeing what other brides just like you are doing with their wedding invitation wording. 


Be open-minded. Take your time writing and rewriting your invites in different styles to see how they look and feel to you. Resist the urge to sit down and write and finalize your invitation wording in one day. Write some ideas down first and then mull over them. Look for inspiration in a variety of places, spend a few minutes doing Google searches to see what other brides have come up with. If you are feeling adventurous or have a favorite movie star, try a Google search for “celebrity wedding invitations” or by the celebrity’s name to see what some of the world’s biggest celebs have done for their wedding invites. You will find that there is a wide variety of everything from unique fun invites to classic traditional styles from the stars. Once you have some ideas written down, ask friends and family for their feedback, and of course ask the groom if he wants to help! 


Unlike some of the other drudgery involved in a wedding (coming up with, and then whittling down, a guest list, anyone?) writing your invites can and should be fun! With The Invitation Maker, you will have endless examples and a supportive team to help you get everything right. Check out our free Ultimate Guide to Wedding Invitation Wording