Black and White Wedding Invitation

Black and White Wedding Invitation Ideas

When choosing a wedding invitation, you might not think of having a black and white wedding invitation at first. But the combination of black and white can actually say a lot. It’s elegant, sophisticated, and dramatic. This classic color combination might seem simple but it can definitely make a bold statement. Depending on the design, it can be traditional, and it can be modern. It’s a timeless way to announce your wedding and you won’t regret it even after a few years.

Here are some black and white wedding invitation ideas for you:

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Photo wedding invitations

Designing your wedding invitation with your couple photo and a black and white color combination is a powerful way of announcing your wedding. It gives a dramatic style that highlights the emotions of the couple in the photo while not overpowering the text of the wedding invitation with too much color. Creating a black and white photo invitation creates balance and unites all the elements on the invitation.

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Floral Wedding Invitations

Adding a floral design to your black and white wedding invitation can give more character and attitude to the design, if it’s what you are looking for. A floral wedding invitation still has that classic black and white vibe – but touches of florals gives it more flair without overpowering the design.


Minimalist Wedding Invitation

What’s a more perfect minimalist wedding invitation than a black and white invitation? In this invitation, you can see how simple the text and design is. This minimalist wedding invitation maximizes the use of white spaces and lines. However, the elements all blend together creating a simple yet elegant and classy wedding invitation.

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Classic calligraphy

The calligraphy in this classic wedding invitation is beautiful enough to be the center of this wedding invitation design. It might seem like a simple, text-only design, but it’s distinguished and stylish enough to stand on its own. Any more color or additional design could ruin its style.

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Sparkle Wedding Invitation

Black with a touch of sparkle? This sparkle wedding invitation definitely gives off a luxurious and elegant vibe. The black and sparkle background is bold enough to make a statement by itself – highlighting the wedding details at the center.

Black And White Wedding Invitation | 100% Custom Wedding Invitations

Geometric wedding invitation

Aside from your calligraphy and black and white wedding invitation, adding a geometric arch design surrounding the text can improve your wedding invitation as well. This geometric design element gives a more modern and contemporary look.

If you are still on the stage of designing your wedding invitations, black and white wedding invitation designs are definitely a great choice that you won’t regret. You can create so many different designs and styles with this flexible color combination. Have a classic and timeless wedding invitation with these black and white designs.

COVID-19 Wedding Checklist

What to Know If You’re Planning a Wedding During COVID-19

While it might be new to all of us, we have to accept that weddings have changed a lot during the pandemic whether we like it or not. And although the COVID-19 situation seems to be getting better with the vaccine rollout and with the economy reopening, we still need to observe COVID-19 safety guidelines for weddings. So, the question now is, what are the things we should know when we are planning a wedding during COVID-19?

We all want a magical wedding, but everyone’s safety should be the top priority. Here are some of the COVID-19 safety measures you need to observe for your wedding this 2021:

Follow the COVID-19 guidelines in your locality

Each city and locality has a different set of rules when it comes to gatherings held during the pandemic. Before you plan your wedding, make sure to take these rules into consideration and to follow the guidelines. Some areas might not allow any social gathering at all, while some limit the number of people that are allowed.

Covid-19 guidelines also often change depending on the number of cases in a particular area, so prepare yourself for any sudden changes.

Read your venue and vendor’s cancellation policies

If you have not yet signed your venue and vendors, talk to them about how they handle cancellations or reschedules that are related to the pandemic. Many venues simply do not refund weddings that are cancelled, while others allow couples to reschedule.  During the last few months, many couples have shelled out money beyond their budget because of pandemic-related cancellations.

Remember that these businesses have also suffered financially during the pandemic, so it’s best to have an agreement that is fair to both parties.

Limit your guests

While some couples dream of having a grand ball at their wedding, it might not be a good idea right now unless you are in an area where COVID-19 has been fully controlled. Otherwise, consider limiting your guests to only a few close family and friends. Many couples have also included sharing a Livestream during their wedding to guests that aren’t able to come personally to their wedding.

This is a good practice that considers the safety of senior citizens, people with comorbidities, and those who live far away from your venue. While you know they would love to attend your wedding, it might be best for them to send their love and support while watching your wedding at home.

Make sure that your guests are socially distanced

During the wedding, make sure that chairs are spaced far away from each other to minimize any physical contact during the ceremony. Meanwhile, during the reception, try to separate each group from each other to minimize spreading of viruses from group to group. Make sure that there is enough space for everyone to eat and that there is open-air ventilation.

Provide contact tracing forms and sanitation kits

Do your part in making sure that your wedding is safe by providing contact tracing forms and sanitation kits. Make sure that temperatures are checked before everyone enters, tables have disinfectants, and that everyone is wearing a mask at all times. Make sure that everyone follows these rules.

You can inform them prior by including COVID 19 guidelines in the invitation and by reminding them to observe these safety guidelines during the program.

It’s not that hard to have an awesome wedding while prioritizing everyone’s safety. Make sure to follow these safety guidelines to avoid any breakouts and to keep your loved ones safe. Don’t let COVID-19 get in the way of your love. Go ahead and have that magical wedding safely!