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Wedding Themes That Fit Your Personality

The wedding should be a reflection of a couple’s personality. After all, it is your big day. Ideally, every element that we find in the wedding should be about you. It is an opportunity for both of you to share your story with the people close to you. 

Thinking about this will surely be a trip down memory lane as you will look back to how your story started. Where did you two meet? What did you do on your first date? Who said “I love you” first? But before diving into the details, you need to decide on the overall wedding theme first.


If you both value family traditions very much, you can opt for a classic wedding. This is a traditional wedding theme, often incorporating the family wedding tradition, but with a personal touch from the couple. 

For the ceremony, you can do the usual red carpet with scattered rose petals where the bride will walk on. For the reception, it can be done in a ballroom or function hall, styled based on the bride and groom’s preference, and aligned with any family tradition that you plan to incorporate in the program.

A classic wedding is the easiest theme for weddings and it is also the most versatile when it comes to adding elements based on the couple’s personality. It is like painting on an empty canvas. The traditional elements will never go out of style even if you look back to this very special day during your silver anniversary.


This is perfect for couples who are laid-back and love DIY activities. If you both find building things from scratch a bonding activity, then this might just be the perfect theme for you. Couples with this personality often find fulfillment in creating something beautiful from random things. 

To provide a laid-back atmosphere, the best location for this is an outdoor garden or a backyard. Decorate the venue with vintage and boho design elements. Another good thing about rustic weddings is that since the elements can be mostly DIY, couples have the option to be eco-friendly by recycling different items to create rustic decorations.

Although you both love DIY, this doesn’t mean that you have to build everything on your own for your wedding. Remember that this is just a reflection of what you are as a couple. You can always get help from your organizers but make sure that your personal preferences as a couple will always be there.


How about a beach wedding? This will always be a part of our list of wedding themes as this doesn’t need too much set-up to provide a beautiful wedding scene. The view of the ocean and skies will surely be enough to paint a beautiful backdrop for the wedding ceremony.

This theme isn’t just for couples who love the beach but also for those who would like to have a destination wedding. You can choose a beach location with a nice view. Or somewhere memorable to the both of you. What more can you ask for if you have a beautiful view (aside from the bride, of course) and the sound of the crashing waves in the background while you are saying your wedding vows?

Modern Minimalist

If you both prefer clean and sleek aesthetics more than flashy elements, this theme is for you. This is for couples who find beauty and contentment in simple things. They believe that less is more.

When you choose a modern minimalist wedding, you will be able to cut down costs on decorations while retaining the elegance of the whole venue. However, since you won’t be putting in too many decorations, the venue plays an important role in achieving that minimalist aesthetic we are aiming for. Possible venues can be simple architecture with strong lines, glasshouses, or lofts. It should have a wide and open space with carefully curated furniture pieces to achieve an upscale and minimalist look.

Doing a modern minimalist theme is also like painting on a blank canvas. However, its difference with traditional weddings is that you need to be more careful in adding the elements. While we want to incorporate the couple’s personal touch, we must ensure that we avoid overdoing it.

Enjoy your trip down the memory lane

Always remember that your wedding theme should be a result of your journey as a couple. So it is important to make it as personal as possible. You want to own this day. Besides, your wedding is the day that both of you would like to remember forever and a memory that you both would love to share with your kids in the future.

Wedding Planning During COVID-19

Tying the Knot in the New Normal

The bride, looking stunning in her white dress, is walking slowly towards the aisle. The groom is waiting patiently on the altar, with joyful tears in his eyes. Friends and family are there to witness this once in a lifetime event. All eyes on the beautiful bride. Is this how you imagined your wedding? 

But the pandemic happened. Who would have thought that you’ll be needing to wear a mask as part of your wedding outfit? And with virtual guests?

Newly-engaged couples are currently faced with a big decision – should they postpone or push through with their wedding? There are so many things that need to be considered. Whatever the decision may be, below are some advice that you might want to check out:

1. Go back to your vision as a couple.

Discuss with your partner. What is your vision for your wedding? Some couples have dreamt about this day for so long. So if they are not in a rush, they can choose to postpone it for now and achieve the wedding that they have in mind. For other couples, they don’t want to be hindered by anything and just want to start their life together. The decision still depends on the couple; besides, their love should conquer anything.

2. Conduct plannings through virtual meetings.

If pushing through with the wedding, it would be best to practice safety measures and, as much as possible, avoid physical contact with other people. This is where technology can be of big help. Conduct your meetings with suppliers through video calls.

3. Keep the ceremony small and intimate.

This is for the interest of everyone’s safety – not just the couple but also friends, family, and suppliers. It would be more feasible to practice social distancing with a limited number of guests. Also, given all the restrictions due to the pandemic, a small ceremony would be easier to plan and manage. Don’t fret as you can still do a bigger celebration when the situation gets better.

4. Livestream the ceremony.

Thanks again to technology, we are able to do things we didn’t even imagine to be part of our normal life. During weddings, some relatives from out of town travel far just to attend. Given the pandemic, we do not want to risk their health in traveling. There are a lot of live streaming technologies that you can use so all the important people can still witness your big day even if they are away.

5. Explore having drive-by greetings.

We’ve seen this in some weddings during the pandemic. Friends, while inside a car, pass by the church to say their best wishes to the newly-wed couple. Some even wear their wedding outfits and bring a glass of champagne. Nothing can stop them from celebrating love! This might be an unusual practice but it is really heartwarming to see these people become part of your special day – even while practicing social distancing.

6. Celebrate (virtually) with friends and family.

From the drive-by greetings, continue the celebration through a video conference call with your friends and family. To make the guests feel like they are really in the wedding reception, you can send packages to their homes. How about a bottle of wine and a charcuterie board?

No one can tell when this pandemic will be over. And in this time of uncertainty, what’s important is that you are both certain about your feelings and your intention of marrying each other. As the saying goes, love conquers all.

Wedding Planning

How to Make your Wedding Planning Stress-Free

Getting engaged is a significant event in a couple’s relationship. But after all the exciting celebrations and engagement parties comes the stressful phase of wedding planning. 

Don’t get this wrong. Wedding planning is an exciting part of your journey before you finally become husband and wife but the hassle is inevitable when doing preparations for an event like this. You wouldn’t want to look stressed and haggard during your big day, would you? So here are some tips on how to make your wedding planning stress free:

1. Hire a wedding planner.

Hiring a wedding planner is the first thing you should do before you dive into the details of your wedding. When you have a wedding planner, a big chunk of tasks will be taken off of your shoulders. Since the wedding planner is an expert in everything in managing weddings, they can help turn your dream wedding into a reality. They will guide you through all the preparations needed for your wedding and help you become organized.

2. Set your budget.

This tip might be basic but most couples get too excited for their big day and tend to set unrealistic expectations. By setting your budget, you will get a clear direction on what you want to have and are capable of for your wedding. This will help you set your overall plan will it be a big wedding or an intimate ceremony? Are you going for a luxurious or a simple celebration? How many guests do you plan to have and where is your dream venue?

3. Create a timeline.

You’ve already set your wedding date. But you know that there are still a lot of things that need to be done. To keep you on track, create a timeline so you can schedule all necessary preparations. This will also help ensure that you don’t miss an item on your checklist and all deliverables are on time. 

4. Use reliable and recommended suppliers.

In choosing your suppliers, aside from the cost, quality is also an important factor that you need to consider. You wouldn’t want to be stressed out during your wedding just because the sound system isn’t working, or the caterer forgot the utensils, or the coordinators mixed up the guest list. Spend time to research experienced and reliable suppliers in your area. It is important that you feel confident with your suppliers so you wouldn’t have to worry about anything during the big day.

5. Remember that the big day is for both you and your partner.

Don’t forget that your partner should also be involved in wedding planning. Discuss with each other all the decisions that need to be done during the process. Ensure that both of you are on the same page. If you disagree on something, discuss and compromise. You should learn to do this as compromising will surely be a big part of your life as husband and wife.

Enjoy the day!

There are still a lot of tips that we can talk about but each wedding is different. It still depends on the couple on which process works for them. If all else fails, the most important thing is that you are getting married to the love of your life. Your significant other is still what makes this day special.

So don’t be too stressed out. When the big day finally comes, just enjoy it and treasure the days leading to forever.